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The black death an essay on dramatic change

the black death an essay on dramatic change

code is the tale of every plague, every predator, every parasite and every planetary upheaval your ancestors managed to survive. There was no cure for bubonic plague in the Middle Ages, none indeed until the discovery of antibiotics in the modern age. The likelihood is, then, the Black Death began well before 1347 with some sort of disturbance in rodent communities, most likely ones in Central Asia since all historical data point to that as its geographic origin. Because of the terror inspired by this disease and the large number of people afflicted, the progress of bubonic plague as it courses through its victims has been well-documented. The "black" in Black Death more likely derives from the Latin word atra, meaning " black, dreadful." Death usually follows soon afterwards, most often from septicemia (blood-poisoning due to massive internal hemorrhaging as the bloodstream grows congested with bacteria. Around April 20th, a ship from Bordeaux must have arrived in La Corua in northwestern Spain; a couple of weeks later another ship from there let loose the plague in Navarre in northeastern Spain. According to the extant complete registers of all households, the rent or tax-paying classes constituted about half the population both in the towns and in the countryside, the other half were too poor. And so the life cycle of Yersinia pestis continues as it volleys back and forth between its two hosts, the rat and flea, using each to infect the other. These malnourished peasants fell victim with little resistance from their weak immune systems. The Black Death stands out as the most dramatic and lifestyle changing event during this century.

the black death an essay on dramatic change

Free Essay: The Plague, also known as The Black Death, was first recognized.
Horrifying pandemic, human history - The Black Death of the 14th Century.
Caus ing a dramatic change in the peasant s religious, social, and economic life.
By a period of severe deflation in the decade or so before the Black Death.
Economic History, ii (i 962).

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Hence the name bubonic plague. For all the destruction Yersinia pestis left in its wake, people at the time of the Black Death never knew this bacillus was the cause of the Plague. This traumatic population change coming into the Late Middle Ages caused great changes in European culture and lifestyle. Waste accumulated in the streets for lack of sewer systems. Benedictow, Plague in the Late Medieval Nordic Countries, Epidemiological Studies (1996).