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Ecological stoichiometry ratios research papers

ecological stoichiometry ratios research papers

According to the recent development of ecological stoichiometry, the future directions of ecological stoichiometry of medicinal plants could be the study of the relationship between stoichiometric characteristic and growth and secondary metabolism of medicinal plants, and the influence of biotic (or abiotic) factors on the. Sterner and Elser 2002 is a foundational work that brought together a large number of disparate research threads in ecology and stimulated considerable new research, including an expansion of stoichiometric thinking into new realms (biological stoichiometry such as biochemical allocation, life history evolution, and even. Abstract/OtherAbstract: Ecological stoichiometry is a study of the balance of biological system's energy and the balance of multiple chemical elements. "Ecological stoichiometry of the honeybee: Pollen diversity and adequate species composition are needed to mitigate limitations imposed on the growth and development of bees by pollen quality".

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The growth and development of any organism may be limited by unbalanced stoichiometry: an person u admire essay imbalance in the proportions of chemical elements in food that reflect proportions of physiologically important organic molecules. C:N:P ratio as an indicator of effects of global climate change on C-N cycling. E-mail Citation this is considered the definitive textbook of the field. It focuses on the relationship of the element ratio in ecological processes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Authors: Ji Zhang; Hang Jin; Jin-Yu Zhang; Yuan-Zhong Wang.

ecological stoichiometry ratios research papers

Along the river network stoichiometric ratios of C, N, and P were determined across sites and related to changes.
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Ecological stoichiometry theory (EST) is a key framework for predicting how variation in N:P supply ratios influences biological processes, at molecular to ecosystem scales, by altering the availability of C, N and P relative to organismal.
This paper considers how the theory of ecological stoichiometry may be applied to issues of importance to benthic ecologists.