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Why you should not text and drive essay

why you should not text and drive essay

twentieth century, motorists have been able to order and consume their favorite foods without removing the key from their vehicles ignition or their bodies from the drivers seat. Weve all seen the commercials. 7, hands-free Technology Is Easy To Use Widely Available Many brands of new cars are equipped with technology that connects your cell phone to your vehicles stereo system. Get the facts and solutions in this infographic. 10 Reasons Not To Text And Drive 1, its (Probably) Illegal, as the correlation between auto accidents and texting while driving escalates, many municipalities and states are passing legislation making it illegal to text and drive. However, while some states may have harsh consequences for violations, other states issue a ticket with a fine. Todays drivers have access to all types of foods through the marvelous modern convenience of the restaurant drive-thru window.

why you should not text and drive essay

Should I text, or email, or jot down my notes while driving?
I know it s wrong but I could make an exception just this once.
But it s never just.
Teens should never be behind the wheel on their cell phones.
W ill provide you with a few tips to consider before you choose to text and drive.

So why should you NOT text and drive? Aside from the statistics of numbers of crashes, deaths and injuries, here are some graphics that can. Not only does texting and driving put your own life at risk, but i t also. No text message or call could ever be more important than your life, and. You should not text on your cell phone while driving because being distracted by t exting is similar to driving while intoxicated.

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Just let it ring or make noises until you get to a place where you can safely pull over and respond to the calls and texts. A text message that reads ok isnt worth a couple hundred dollar fine. But whether a state issues a ticket for a moving violation or charges the driver with a crime doesnt make a difference if the action itself causes a loss of life or devastating injuries. 3, consider Your Passengers, transporting other human beings in your vehicle is a tremendous responsibility, on that many young drivers take lightly. Educate them about how using a digital device while driving affects their reflexes and takes their eyes and their attention off of the road. Only the driver of the bus and the young driver of the pick-up survived. Before they are issued their permit, insist that their phone will have a lockdown feature that disables the phone while they are driving. A cell phone contract acts as an important written reminder about the rules of the phone.