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Putting dates in an essay

putting dates in an essay

inside my brain. And we're neonatal nurse research paper not here to "push" your agenda or anyone else's. Luna Santin ( talk ) 02:18, (UTC) You made a false statement, that Wikipedia uses ISO 8601. The table of users I saw canvassed is at right. Anomie 00:43, 30 September 2009 (UTC) "Needless waste of space"? Noisalt ( talk ) 16:22, (UTC) The question being asked here doesn't ask about other formats, so your question is irrelevant. (Now, the purists might say that the date range should be separated by an en dash, not a hyphen or slash (but I expect a survey would find few articles on Wikipedia are written that way out of those that should be and also,. Even Accessed would be an improvement.

Using the number form of the ISO standard is clear and does not favor one form of English over another. Alarics ( talk ) 09:50, (UTC) Without getting deeper into that debate looks like there is a dual purpose to access date "first accessed" and "last accessed". C 00:32, (UTC) I think you may be the only person who has indicated on this page that discussion of the issues actually impacted his/her thinking (there may have been one other, but I'm not clear on that).

Austin, Texas ACC (4222). Since the RfC has expired, here is my summary: There is no consensus on whether the yyyy-MM-DD format should be used in footnotes. There is no consensus on whether dates that are written in this format should follow the ISO 8601 standard.

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All published ISO standards are available to the public. (I say in general, it might be acceptable, for example, for a bot that commented out BLP violations for human review - I would rather have 1 good paragraph commented out than 9 libels remain.) Rich Farmbrough, 20:03, (UTC). That is worse than anything else that's been proposed. 23:58, (UTC) Just to be clear, the yyyy-MM-DD format is forbidden in the body of the article. Hotchpotch date formats are an open invitation for some editor to come along and unify them all, to dd mmm yyyy or mmm dd yyyy. As for "normal" dates, I haven't seen a study that shows what the "standard used in the vast majority of (English-language) published works but I'd be surprised if it were anything other than MM/DD/YY up until the late 1980's or early 1990's, and then. The question is, when you find a date written in the yyyy-MM-DD format, was the author governing himself/herself by ISO 8601. Do you have examples of yyyy-MM-DD being "strongly encouraged"? Often in footnotes I'm most interested in the year to see how recent the refs are. As my "vote" indicates it was Noisalt's reasoning that persuaded me to support the proposal. Wjemather bigissue 20:42, (UTC) My interpretation is that the consensus was 2 to 1 opposing.

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