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Mother Teresas words make us think over this and realize that hungry people dont need only food and a safe place to live, but also they need..
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I am proud of my country philippines essay

i am proud of my country philippines essay

landscapes and sceneries. Naturally there is a wide diversity in languages spoken, physical features, religious practices. How many people defending our Motherland were killed! I cant think of anything I hate about my country! But most of all, I love it for its nature and its people. I am really proud of it because it is the land of saints and seers. I am proud of it because Russia is the largest country in the world and it is very rich. Our country is rich in strong-willed people. Its famous by its gas and all resources. I love my country because of such people and I would like to be as strong as they are. Though the society is divided into different castes and communities, there is a general feelings of oneness among our countrymen.

In summer we often have a picnic on the bank of the river. I am proud of Russia, because it is a country with long cultural traditions dating back to the pagan times. Indians considerably differ in their social habits, diets, dress and ornaments.

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We come across extremes of temperatures, fertile lands as bioethical issues essay well as deserts and varied climates. She had a lot of problems in her life, but she got over all the difficulties. I am proud of Russia, because it is the home land of many world-famous artists, writers, poets, architects, sculptors, musicians and dancers. I don't know what I like about my country. According to old traditions, a guest should always be welcomed with the symbol of life-giving food - bread and salt. I live in Russia. As all the people, living in Russia, I love my country. Copyright, russian centres of City and Guilds. All are first and foremost Indians. My country is not very big. It is a great country blessed with the Himalayas and the sacred rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra, Kaveri, Sindu etc. To tell the truth, Russia is most famous for its people I know that severe climate makes our people strong.

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