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At some point in the future we will have direct experimental proof that today's cryopreserved patients either can or cannot be revived by future medical technology. Whether..
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He is also concerned as to whether she is eating. No Country for Old Men, the first novel by acclaimed author Cormac McCarthy since the completion of..
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Long, Xuelian (2015 location-Based Social Networks: Latent Topics Mining and Hybrid Trust-Based Recommendation. Candidates may undertake research cutting across two or more of the areas indicated
The 12th Anniversary of "Flea Market Montgomery". You may not have heard that the Ukrainian military is full of a bunch of unapologetic nerds who will toot
How far will I go in "x" hours? This is a good place for a quick sketch: Assuming the streets run parallel, Alvin would have traveled blocks
And at a time when two-career families are the norm, the civic and professional activities of spouses, household members and other relatives can create conflicts or the
For longer proposals, you might be able to use a full page for this overview, but for other proposals, you might have to condense it to just